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090, One Laht Tetht, need help??

It needs you to kill 50 monsters with bare hand and no equipment at lv.10 grotto or below. I did exactly what it told me. I'm at lv.10 Iron Tunnel of Woe. I did not wear any single equipment, kill monsters with bare fist. How come it didn't count?

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duelracer answered:

You have to be at the 10th floor or deeper of a grotto. That is what the strategy guide says.
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d4rkl1 answered:

You also have to remove all your armour to make the kills count.
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0DragonWarrior0 answered:

When you have a character who has maxed out his or her fisticuffs skill, speak to Cecil again at the Academy to learn your new task: killing 50 monsters with your fisticuffs character, while wearing no equipment! Worse still, you must do this on the tenth level or deeper of a grotto. You'll definitely want to bring along a Paladin to protect your poor naked fisticuffs user. When you've completed this arduous task, return to Cecil for your scroll.
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redchain777 answered:

So what you do is go to the 10th lvl of a grotto then take all your equips off then you just have to beat 50 monsters
with NORMAL fisticuff blows not abilites.
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HugDaddy answered:

Preparation: Have a grotto map with at least 11 floors (with the last floor a boss floor); if the map is level 50+, that should work. Maximize your Fisticuffs skill and accept the quest.

Go to B10 of a grotto map (Vanish makes it faster), unequip everything on the character attempting this quest, and place that character in the back row. If your natural defense is below 250-300, having a second character as a paladin could help (Whipping Boy). I was in a water grotto for this and took out a lot of Genie Sanguini. Only the FINAL blow has to be with a normal barehanded attack, though tension is allowed; other teammates can weaken the enemies.
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