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Where can I find the rusty armor set?

I have the rusty helm, but does anyone know eher every rusty item is located?

Dg_617 asked for clarification:

Um... your actually not screwed if you miss the sword, you can-

- return to the realm of the Mighty by using the starflight express to go to the realm of the Almighty (remember that they are different) and heading to the top floor. You will find the goddess there and she will teleport you back to the realm of the mighty, you can even re-fight the final boss again if you wish.

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NinjaQtrain answered:

Sword - The Realm of the Mighty on the 8F
Shield - Quest #49
Helmet - Cap'n Max Meddlin in Dourbridge for 62 mini medals
Armor - Quest #177
Gauntlets - quest #178
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eXaphor answered:

Here's what I found,
Rusty Sword - You can find it at the Realm of the Mighty
Rusty Shield - Complete Quest #049
Rusty Helmet - Give 62 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin at Dourbridge
Rusty Armor - Obtained after completing Quest #177
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ss14hero answered:

I know you can get the rusty sword in the realm of the mighty but I think you can only get it your first run through of it then it's gone forever.I'm not sure though.
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