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Baramos Leveling?

what's all this about leveling baramos up, how do you LEVEL an enemy? and a question hit me... apparently there are drops to certain levels of baramos... what if i level him, but didnt get a previous drop. does this mean i cant get the earlier level drops anymore?

Accepted Answer

Azn_Playah answered:

Baramos is a "legacy boss" that you fight in legacy treasure maps. These are treasure maps named after the boss that's in them and there's only 1 floor with the boss in it. After you fight the boss, you have the option of giving the boss all the experience from the fight allowing it to level up. Then you can fight it again later at a higher level and repeat this until they are level 99. The drops are the same item as their common and rare drops, but the higher their level the higher the rare drop rate.
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