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Priest Spells?

What spells does a priest learn, and does a priest learn multiheal?

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CelestriaSlave answered:

after fullheal, i believe there is Omniheal, which is like fullheal on the entire party.
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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Yes, a priest does learn Multiheal but that's at level 38 I think.
Well, the spells I currently have are :
Heal, Squelch, Snooze, Buff,(After buff there is a spell to wake your teammates up if they're asleep but it includes a banned word so I can't post it.), Insulate, Midheal, Zing, Whack, Tingle, Moreheal, Thwack, Multiheal.
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NintenJoey answered:

My priest has all the spells that ReDDsHaDOw's has plus full heal.
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selkie1997 answered:

There is a ability guide you should check for this question
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