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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat (the spider boss)? In dragon quest 9

I'm currently level 20 minstrel with a preist an a theif an a martial artists all level 20 how do I beat the giant spider boss so I can save marionnette

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From: dichromaticb3c 4 years ago

I beat him w/ the following:

Have the minstrel use "egg on" on the martial artist. Have you're martial artist "psyche up" till your tension is at 100, then attack w/ the martial artist and use healing items w/ the other if necessary or attack w/ both. Continue doing so w/ those two. Have the thief use "whipping boy" on you're priest or anyone else near death.

Obviously use the priest only for healing and curing poison.

That battle was tough. It was the only one I actually HAD to use healing items to get through.

I was rolling w/ a martial artist as my main w/ a priest, mage, and thief. My mage used acelerattle and sap twice for optimum effect. Then straight defense/healing w/ items. I psyched up w/ my martial artist till 100 tension then hit for massive damage. Priest healed and thief provider cover via "whipping boy"

W/ you're setup you can get 100 tension in 2 rounds if you're lucky. The battle would have taken me half the time had I been using your setup.

Best of luck. There's countless ways to tackle the battles :o)

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Try having ur preist to have mutiheal,try,not must
change ur theif to a attacker
have half inch?then change to attacker jobs like gladitor
NeVeReVeR use minstrel

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The official guide recommends being at least level 24 before you take on Tyrantula. If you need some extra levels, try fighting the metal medleys (medlies?) on B1. Other than that, it's mainly luck and endurance. I had a level 24 party of Warrior, Priest, and Mage, with my hero as a level 25 Gladiator with maxed Swords, 42 in Fisticuffs, Focus, Guts, and Spellcraft, and wielding a Gigasteel Broadsword (so his attack power was roughly 200), and I still had a rough time beating her.

Most of my time in that battle consisted of my Priest and Warrior trying to keep everyone alive, my Mage alternating between Spooky Aura, Sap, and Acceleratle, and my hero trying to Psyche Up to 100% Tension, Double Up, then use Gigaslash for over 1200 Damage, and the damn thing was still standing after that (unlike Leviathan, Garth Goyle, Batorzig...pretty much every boss after Master of Nu'un.)

Hooray for obsessive skill point farming through use of classes that you wouldn't use otherwise!

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You should first level up to level 23-27 then well kill it

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Have at least a riest!!!!

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Have somebody with low health become warrior the get 100 skill points for that person and become an omivocational swordsmaster then change them back and use the mircle sword to help you heal.

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use your thief & priest to "focus on healing"
have some magic waters on standby in case MP levels are low
"egg on" your martial artist
and beat the s**t out of her

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Keep an eye on your health and just hit her. i would level up if i were you, i was level 30
you should see if you can alchemize it.

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I killed it 4TH time with the same levels as you but different classes.HINT!!! change your thief to a mage and hang around coffinwell. She/He will learn lots and lots of spells, even more than your Minstrel! I killed him with a Minstrel, a mage, a warrior and a marshal artist.MY TEAM IS AMAZING.Gel your marshal artist to learn Failing nails and you can't go wrong!!!

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Try getting up some levels first. It worked for me.

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