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How do I open this door?

I have a funny feeling it is activated by dlc or something but the door on the Starflight, that pops up saying "The door is tightly shut, and there's no keyhole. It doesn't look like it's going to open.", how do I open this? Or even what is the point of a door that "doesn't look like it's going to open."?

LordYuan provided additional details: it one of those things that doesn't do squat until you meet some insane requirement like "GET 100% COMPLETION IN EVERYTHING"?

LordYuan provided additional details:

I mean post game, inside the last train cart.

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MrGelen answered:

There is a DLC quest for that door. For now, that quest is not available at this moment, and behind that door is a boss battle. Someone has already asked this question
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Atlen2134 answered:

Ummm...its kinda pointless, not exactly an important aspect.

In short its IMPOSSIBLE
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Raiku97 answered:

no just keep progressing the story i think you get Stella the star driver she unlocks the door and bam but you cant fly till later it sucks:[
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anothrgamer1234 answered:

I think the quest is number 150 (the one where you fight Tyrannosaura Wrecks). Until it's released, it won't open at all.
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