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Where can I find Poison Needle?

I heard it is 1 dmg or kill!

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picopicolina answered:

You can get it at Dourbridge for 1900 G or you can alchemise it using Magic Beast Horn x1 + Manky Mud x3.
I don't know if it's a 1 DMG or Kill knife but it does have a +1 Attack stat.
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bosstoneman answered:

It does have 1 attack, but it also has a chance to kill the foe in one hit
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marsofthefire answered:

If you know where Batsureg is, Apeckalypses drop them occasionally if you kill enough
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Derak_Necron answered:

Easier to buy or Alchemise it.

Also, yes the poison needle only ever deals 1 damage (even on critical hits... tested it with critical claim coup de grace) or does instant kill (if the enemy can be instant killed) or Miss.
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links74 answered:

Poison needle can be bought at dourbridge oor they can be alchemised they have about a 10%chance to kill hte foo in one hit a 20% chance to envnomate but it willl only do one damage otherwise.
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mudkipchow answered:

If you passed the game I recomand the demon spear(Non-Cursed) you could buy it or either alchemizing it you also can battle monsters to drop it.
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