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Whats the strongest weapon and armor in the game. where can I get them?

Where can I get them?

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AzureLivesOn answered:

The strongest weapons are not under a single class for all of them (ie. Iron, Gigasteel, etc). The most powerful sword dmg wise is the Hypernova Sword (lowers defence with each attack) while the most powerful staff is the Aurora Staff (removes all stat boosts on an enemy if used as an item. Similarly, 'best' is objective as some would argue that the Uber Falcon Blade (allows multi-hit) is the best sword. Same with armor.

99.999% of the most powerful anything in the game can only be alchemized. Most, if not all, of these ingrediants are random drops in high level treasure maps. Unlike other RPGs, there is no multimillion dollar shop selling ultimate weapons or a lv. 300 dragon that drops a spear forged by Hades. It's all earned the hard way- trial and error. In some cases, literally (the most damaging spear in the game is a random 1/5 chance creation trying to alchemize the second strongest spear).
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weefred answered:

Best armor is xelon full armor
check ur self
hypernova,nid the branch
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