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Can I find the rocks in quest 49 or do I need alchemy?

On quest 49 with the Rocky dude can I just find all the rocks or is alchemy required?And if I can find them then can you please post the location.

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TGSnowwy answered:

Resurrocks are found among some trees in the Djust Desert. From Gleeba, head south past the pit area, then east. They are also dropped by/stolen from : "Grrrgoyle, Handsome crab, Living statue, Sculpture vulture, Stone golem, and Stone guardian", according to the FAQ by Zaraf.

If you can't find an Enchanted Stone in a chest by luck, the recipe is: 2 Thunderballs + 2 Ice Crystals + 1 Mystifying Mixture. It doesn't appear to be a monster drop.

The Agate of Evolution is apparently Alchemy-only: 2 Sainted Soma + 2 Ethereal Stones +1 Chronocrystal. Good luck finding enough of the ingredients for this.
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