Question from jamesytl

A priest with spear ? Nice or other better weapon ?

As the question said.
Kinda headache what a priest should get for her weapon >_<

Accepted Answer

playingforfun answered:

Go with whatever weapon you like the abilities for. Priest will never be a powerhouse attacker but a Priest will generally do enough damage to one-two kill tougher baddies in conjunction with a big hitter.
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derangedc0w answered:

Well for me i chose to master the sword for gigaslash since priests have enough mp to spam it... and falcon slash kinda makes up for the lack of strength when fighting single smaller monsters
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playingforfun answered:

I have since gone with Boomerang on my Priest. Starburst Throw is an amazing allhit attack and it only costs 4 mp. The low cost makes the attack perfect for regular use and still having enough mp to heal as much as I want.
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pupppp answered:

Thats what i use and.... it doesn't do much for me sometimes.... i would master fan or use bar..... get the priest to be minstrel or marshal artist and max out fan skills
of cource make sure you have standby healer(othwer than the priest in question)
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CidVIIChick answered:

I like the staff for my priest. He actually hits fairly hard (not warrior hard, but pretty good.) I think its kinda of a waste to give attack all weapons (whips, boomerangs) to magic users, my mage used to have a whip, but I could only do 1 or 2 points of damage, if it hits! Now she has a wand, at least I can get a little mp with it.
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playingforfun answered:

Priest has a lot more attack than Mage though. Rang works quite nicely for me and it's benefits have been becoming more obvious as I go. Now that I am power leveling low level classes for skill points the Metalicker rang skill is proving to be extremely useful up on slime hill near Angel Falls. The metals aren't nearly as skittish up there as they are in Bowhole/Bad Cave/Tomb. I often end up metal slashing/autocritting the bigger metals while Metalicker takes out smaller metals on slime hill.
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