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Where can I find Orbs?

I am not understanding these orbs requirement. Are they drops from bosses?

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For example, i need some purple orbs and some silver orbs. where would i find them? are orb colors specific to each grotto boss?

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Are they considered rare drops, or 100% of the time... the orbs i mean. oh and if anybody can answer this... i read somewhere that vocation change has a cap limit of 10 times... so after 10 times i cant change into that vocation anymore?

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okkim28 answered:

Yup are dropped from the different kinds of legacy bosses, Dhoulmagus and Rhapthorne drops the purple orbs while Baramos drops the silver orbs. Check Zaraf's faq for a more detailed info.
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okkim28 answered:

Yes they are rare drops, i think somewhere around 3% so goodluck in finding one. i think the one you are talking about the cap limit of 10 is the lvl reset, when a character reaches lvl 99 you have the option reset it back to lvl 1 but the skill points and stats still retains and you can just do this 9 times and after that you cant reset it anymore.
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