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I have been leveling fisticuffs and the damage dose not seem to be that great. The regular attacks from my other char are stronger than the abilities for fisticuffs. I like the abilities and think there pretty cool be the difference with the damage with a weapon just makes it not seem worth it. Dose it get better when you max it or am I wasting my time with this?

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HugDaddy answered:

You are not wasting your time with Fisticuffs, though I personally see limited usefulness of that tree.

One thing that I would recommend for everyone is that they at least put 30 points into that tree to learn +4% evasion with fisticuffs. If you have a party member who will be casting a lot of spells or is in a support role for a [legacy] boss battle, they can simply unequip the weapon currently in use in the "misc." tab by selecting that same weapon.
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Jahozafat124 answered:

From my personal expierience with fisticuffs skill in any of the DQ games is that overall it is the weakest skillset, but the moves in it are pretty cool. I wouldn't say its a waste of time as some things don't require you to be unarmed to gain thier benifit, and I would also say that if you did get a weapon for the character so it can do more damage, you could sell it later if you need the cash and not completely destroy the power of said character. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, its up to the player in question to decide how they are gonna go through the game
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Metalslime13 answered:

Fisticuffs is a weak skill at first but if you devote a lot of skill points to it you will get all the damage upgrades for that skill. It still cant beat one of the really strong weapons you get post game though.
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rh3ia answered:

I've never used Fisticuffs because I never knew if they where a weapon because I never use skill points on my Gladiator for it. Maybe I'll change my mind about putting some points on fisticuffs next time she advances a level......Or maybe I will.............................................P.S.I HAVE used it for the 'our preshous preshous' quest, I dressed up as a slime and killed lots of slimes...I found preshous.
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albelclaw answered:

Fisticuffs is useful because there is a certain quest that requires you to beat a certain boss with no equips and a certain skillset that has multifists might be helpful...
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