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How do I solve quest 100 (Busted)?

I dont know how to do it help!

DarthEnderX asked for clarification:

What exactly constitutes the "basement floor"? Is it down the well, or is it the room where you picked the grass earlier?

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rh3ia answered:

100. Busted
Location: Dourbridge, man in the southwest bar
How to complete: You need to have a Level 40 Thief and finish quest 099. Go
to Gerzuun and get to B1 there. Steal a Lunar Diamond from a Sorcerer enemy
with Half-Inch ability on B1.
Reward: Steal after battle ability, 10000 Gold Coins

from DamageDealer's FAQ/guide
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JohnRust7 answered:

Equip something that helps with stealing to your thief.
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terrable answered:

You can only get quest item from killing the monsters... doing half-inch skill only gives you normal drops that the monster carries.
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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Terrable you're wrong, this specific quest you HAVE to use half-inch to steal the item.
Not all quests you get the item you're looking for by killing the monsters.
Go do this quest right now and tell me if you can get the Lunar Diamond by killing the Sorcerers.
The quest asks you to use half-inch to steal the item.

The problem he had was probably because he didn't go down to the basement floor but instead went into a house to fight them.
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B3nd3r answered:

I was in the same situation like you.

You need to go to the "basement floor" that will be the floor downstairs "Gerzuun (B1)". Maybe you went into the tents on the ground floor that's the wrong ones.
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Deception_Spral answered:

The basement floor (B1) can be accessed as you enter Gerzuun. Go to the right and you should see a small stairwell going down a level. You will end up in the local jail. Sorcerers will show up with the occasional Giant and Tiki.

You have to steal the lunar diamond AND finish off the monster. Stealing then running from the battle will NOT net you the win. If you do it right, there will be an NPC who shows up and triggers the ending for the quest.
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