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Asked: 4 years ago

Does DQIX have a casino?

This is a two-part question.
1. Some DQ games feature a casino of sorts where players can play mini-games, earn coins, and buy rare items and equipment. Does DQIX have a casino?
2. Considering that Nintendo removed the slot machines from the non-Japanese versions of Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, is it possible that they removed (or requested SE to remove) any similar games from the U.S. version of DQIX (if DQIX had a casino)?

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From: Yahagi 4 years ago

No...WAIT... WHAT.... That sucks. There is a chance the Dragon Quest will no longer have casinos. But they are ONE of the best parts. I have wasted many a days of my life in the Dragon Quest 8 casino on that 100 token slot.

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There isn't a Casino in DQ9. and there wasn't one in the Japaneses version ether.

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In a word - No. Soz!

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