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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find metal slime blade?

Is there a certain place to find it or a monster that drops it if there is please tell

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From: Mr_Bojingo 4 years ago

The chances of him getting the same map as you is slim to none, unless you traded it. Anyway, its a 1% chance from Rank A (Rank 9) blue chests. Best way to determine if a map contains that kind of chest is to get a high level or high quality grotto. Like Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, or Diamond.

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Grotto Blue Chest and pretty rare.

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Blue chest in high level grottos

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The blue chest next to the stairs when you enter the 9th floor of the Bronze Crypt of Hurt lv 77 map often has metal slime gear in it. A few of my friends and I have tested the theory, and, so far, if we didn't get a mimic or a pandora's box, we all got some form of metal slime gear. I'm pretty sure it'll happen on any map that has a floor dedicated to metal slime kings.

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Yeah its about 1/8000000 chance of getting that same map bud.

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