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What are all of the different classes?

Just curious, but what are all of the classes in this game and how do i get them? I know that i have to complete quests but where do i usually find them and what do i have to do to complete them?

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AzureLivesOn answered:

Armamentalist (Mage Knight; deals with debuffers like Confusion, Terror, etc but can use Warrior-grade equipment)- Found in Alltrades Abbey, requires you to activate Wizard Ward and have that character deal the finishing blow to 3 Metal Slimes while WW is active.
Gladiator (advanced Warrior class; strong Attack power)- Found in Alltrades Abbey, you must increase someone's tension to Max and use Dragon Slash on 5 Slimes while under Max Tension.
Paladin (Defender class; sacrifices Attack for strong Defence and Healing)- Found in Gleeba on the palace roof, you must successfully defend 10 attacks using Whipping Boy.
Ranger (Long range fighter; can deal extensive damage from back row)- Found at the base of Lonely Peak, you have to use the Poison Dagger ability to envenomate (Poison) 5 Hocus Chimeras and let them die only by the poison effect.
Sage (Advanced Healer; able to use high-grade power spells like Moreheal All and Resurrection)- Found in the Gittenburg Empire Tower via a book on a random bookshelf on a floor overlooking 6 treasure chests, you must defeat 5 Boss Trolls using only Frizz.
Superstar (Advanced Minstrel; capable of inducing full-party state boosts/full-enemy stat reductions)- Found in Gleeba only after beating the game, requires you to beat 5 Minstrel Moais (the difficulty being they are randomly placed in high level treasure maps).

Hope that helps.
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DragonFantasy answered:

You go to Alltrades Abbey, talk around. You have to war cry a scarewolf and beat it with a martial artist 5 times to get a gladiator. You have to cast a wizard ward on youreslf and beat a metal slime with the same person 2 times to get an armelementalist/ sword mage. You go to Gleeba, on top of the palace, and you have to beat 3 slimes with dragon slash while in a state of super high tension (that's five egg ons) to get a paladin. Go to GittingHam Palace and talk to a bookshelf and you then have to beat 5 great trolls which are in the last place with Frizz to get a Sage. Go to Gleeba again and talk to Applaudia inside the dancing hall (I think you have to beat the game), then defeat a maoi minstrel using Hot Lick.
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