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AAA-Treasure Maps?

What are treasure maps and where could i find them? What do they do for me?

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Crazed_kid answered:

I believe the easiest grotto map you can get is from a man just outside of Zere Rocks. If you zoom to zere rocks just walk south from the village and he should be laying down on the steps. I believe you give him a superior medicine and he gave me a lv. 1 map. As duducus101 mentioned it is a completely random spot in the world. But i believe the lv.1 map is just west of stornway. Depending on the level, name, and description of the treasure map, will be a unique dungeon that is all random with a certain pick of monsters rank K-S on difficulty and gains a difficulty every 4 levels. They have blue chests in each one and will drop better items with the higher ranking of the map and floor you are on. Then like mentioned above, there are 12 bosses that await you at the bottom. These bosses hold some of the best equipment in the game you will have to beat them several times to get them. Plus there are even more Legendary bosses which are on a solo map named after them and have one floor. The Boss floor of course in which you just fight the boss and he has a 100% drop and a 5-10% special drop.
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duducus101 answered:

Treasure maps reveal a portion of the world map that holds a grotto. Inside grottoes are dungeons filled with monsters, some of which can't be found elsewhere, blue treasure chests, and one of 12 unique bosses, which drop high leveled gear. The easiest treasure map to find is post game, if you talk to the king of stornway, he will give you one. There are also other quests you can complete, but I'm sure those have been answered in other questions.
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4rchX4ngel answered:

Like what Crazed_kid said, you can get one from Zere Rocks. Its lv 1 and the boss is that horse looking thing which has 1600 HP. You can keep fighting him for higher lv treasure maps since i got a lv 26 and 44 map from it.
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TheBonsaiSlaya answered:

The three guys are all correct. But for what they do for you, they are great places to grind, each entry is somewhat a new experience since the blue chests are restocked and the boss has a different map. BUT! The very best maps are very difficult to get until post-game. The top maps need you to hit lvl 99... then go back to level 1... and back again ten times. This is known as re-vocation. I would reccomend finding the grotto calculator in the levelling guide for assistance.
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