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Solar Flair as a Sage?

Is it possible to beat the Paladin quest at lv40 to get the book and then place that book in the bag of a Sage with max virtue thus allowing said Sage to use the Solar Flair ability?

Also does anyone happen to know what determines the damage of the Solar Flair skill?

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playingforfun answered:

After you get the level 40 class book you can always use the ability from it no matter level, class or skills purchased. I have the Priest Book on my Mage for instance and my Mage has zero points in the priest skill line. I have personally gotten double hits from the Gladiator book on an Armamentalist, Thief and Martial Artist now, none of whom have invested in the Gladiator skill line yet.

Weapons are kind of the exception. You must have the correct weapon equipped to use the book for the weapon's ultimate skill. However you don't need the weapon skill maxed to use it.

As for what affects the damage of Solar Flair, test it yourself (I can't, don't have a level 40 Pally yet). Pick an enemy, always note the damage done to that specific enemy. Test with your weapon and without your weapon (make sure its a big attack weapon, not a Falcon Blade for instance). This will show if it's damage is tied to Attack. Next give the book to a character with high Magical Might. Make sure thier attack is much lower than your high attack test and note the damage.
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PacoTheTaco1 answered:

Magic Might; yes.
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