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How do i solve Quest 107!?

Right ok so im batteling infernals but pincusion isnt doin spit.... help me out?

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playingforfun answered:

Remember that Pincusion damage return is based on damage recieved. Remove some armor while doing this and dont' guard, just keep re using pincusion and whistle. Since I use one character for what I call the Heavy classes (Fighter, Glad, Pally) I also had Double Up which debuffs the user's defense.
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rousmc answered:

When you have a 15th level or higher Paladin, speak to Brunhild in Gleeba again for this quest. Next, head to Gerzuun and get in fights with Infernal Armours. You need to kill them with damaged deflected by the Pincushion ability, but this is not easy. First, wound the Infernal Armour and kill any other enemies in the battle with it. Have other characters continue to chip away damage while your Paladin uses Whistle to enrage the Infernal Armour. When the enemy is sufficiently weakened, use Pincushion over and over until you reflect enough damage to kill it. Repeat this twice more, then return to Brunhild for your reward.
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