Question from Yahagi

Where can I find (skull ring)?

I need to get two Skull Rings and wanted to know if there is an easier way then trying to steal them from Aggrosculptures.

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anothrgamer1234 answered:

Some chests in grottos may have skull rings- try the medium-to-high level ones. You'll find one eventually after enough grotto searching.
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AzureLivesOn answered:

One is a chest item found in the end-game Realm of the Almighty.
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DeaDnova answered:

You can find one Skull ring in Dourbridge. In the house of Cap'n Max Meddlin. But you need the Ultimate key to get it.
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pandaman101 answered:

You can get the skull ring by tradeing minimedals to the pirate in the town call dourbridge
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