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How do i unlock the sap skill?

So how do i unlock the sap skill? What vocation has it and at what level will i get it?


ReDDsHaD0w answered:

I think you mean the sap SPELL.
I haven't checked all the vocations but mages get sap ( I forget at what level though)
I think it was around level 10 not sure.
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Metalslime13 answered:

Im not 100% sure but i think that the armamentalist gets it eventualy.
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albelclaw answered:

Armamentalist gets it around level 3 or 5 i think, it's one of the first spells they learn, and mage gets it a bit later, just try going to to the spell/skill guide, hit Ctrl and F, and type in Sap.

Sorry for the run-on sentence
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