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How do I get to use the whipping boy ability?

On top of the gleebian palace, there is a man called Brunhild that says if I use the whipping boy ability a total of ten times, I can change a member's vocation to a Paladin. What is the whipping boy ability, and how do I use it?

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Bladist answered:

Put 8 skill points into the Warrior's "Courage" Skill Tree, and they will learn Whipping Boy.

Whipping Boy is a skill that causes the user to protect the selected ally from damage for the whole turn, taking the hit in their place. The term "Damage" is both a bit misleading and confusing, since it extends to:

1) All Attacks

2) Anything else that would negatively affect that character, including AoE spells and debuffs

If the enemy uses an AoE attack that causes damage (for example, Sculptrice's Crackle), it works like this (pretend Character A used Whipping Boy on Character C):

A! B C D
First, A takes damage

A B! C D
Then, B takes damage

(C) B (A)! D
A takes the hit intended for C, and takes damage a second time

A B C D!
Lastly, D takes damage

So, B and D have taken "normal" damage from Sculptrice's Crackle, A has taken twice the damage, and C has taken no damage at all. The same logic can be applied to enemy debuff spells (like Kasap and Deceleratle), status spells (like Snooze, Dazzle, and Fuddle), and even those annoying moves that the enemy spams to render your characters inactive and reset their stored Tension to 0, blowing holes in whatever plan you had and were well into (like War Cry and Tyrantula's Web Weave).

Whipping Boy lasts from the start of the battle phase to the end of the battle phase (on the turn it is used, it is always engaged regardless of the user's speed; the animation you see of a character using it is only to tell you how they spent their turn). Its only stipulation is that, like Egg On, it cannot be used while soloing (because there's no one to cover).

The quest Brunhild gives you is easiest performed with a party of two characters, both with Whipping Boy (so in battle, they can cover each other, and the uses rack up no matter which is targeted, because the other will step in).

Hope this helps.

By the way, Brunhild's a woman (Brunhild is a woman's name, after all).
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MegaModelZXA answered:

Upgrade the Whip Skill Tree. Then use the skill in battle.
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CidVIIChick answered:

Um, my warioor (ugh, bad spell_) knows whipping boy, she learned it through her courage tree.
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