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Grinding characters?

How can I get my level 38 sage up to around level 93 where my martial artist and minstrel are? I know you can grind up levels by fighting metal slimes at Angel falls highgrounds but is there anywhere else with more of them??


DragonFantasy answered:

If you go to the BowHole near wormwood creek, and go near a staircase on the third floor down, you can easily find liquid metal slimes. Or you can get high level treasure maps and hope they have the good slimes like drakoniun or platinum king.
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jbl8199 answered:

I just got to the Bowhole for the first time, and that's one of the best places at this point in the game(not sure about later). Like the other answer said, once your in the dungeon, go to floor B3 and there will be a bridge in the middle of the room. At the end of the bridge you will find a torch and a set of stairs leading down to the next floor. Go down the stairs at the end of the bridge, but not the stairs leading to the next floor. and just wait in that area until you see a liquid metal slime. If too many other enemies are spawning you can go down the stairs, then come back up and different ones will respawn. I gained about 10 levels in just a couple hours doing this.I was about level 35 when I started.
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