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Does snooze work on metal monsters?

I want to kill a Liquid Metal Slime,but flee when I hit them.So I want to make sure they don't flee.

Accepted Answer

AzureLivesOn answered:

No, all Metal Slimes are immune to any form of magic and have Agility ratings too high to succumb to being debilitated (War Cry, Trip of a Lifetime, Parallax etc).

The only way to 100% stop a Metal Slime is via a Coup de Grace, namely Martial Artist's Roaring Tirade. Sadly, it's part of the challenge (and why they put out so much XP, which wouldnt be fair if you could stop them).
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DavarGrey answered:

There is one other effect that can occasionally stop them in their tracks: Charming. They're just as vulnerable as any other monster to being driven to distraction by the proverbial women in the red dress. Play around with your equipment, and to some extent class and learning skills like the Minstrel's Natural Charm +30 to max out both charm and style and you can increase the odds of the metal slimes being too busy staring at you to run from you.
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