Question from butterball_88

Asked: 4 years ago

107 Off the Record?

How the heck does one defet the infernal armours with the Pincushion ability? I keep using it but nothing is happening they keep attacking but i'm not "deflecting" their attacks.

Accepted Answer

From: Azn_Playah 4 years ago

Are they attacking the character that uses pincushion? The best way to do it is for the character to first draw the enemies' attention with whistle and then use pincushion to finish them off.

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Im have the same problem they are attcaking me and im using pincushion but it does it do any thing for me so how is it purpposse to deflect attacks?

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i switched all off my party to Paladins, weakend them, and had the whole party use pincushion. Wasnt to hard for me then. (I had all jobs at lvl 21 with all 42 skill points in class skill. so i had to run around with only a weapon so they could do more the 4 dmg to me)

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