Question from Vesuperia

Lvl 40 Minstrel Class Quest?

What is the monster I need to find and what is the dungeon in Stornway they're talking about? :|

Thank you in advance!


NinjaQtrain answered:

There isn't a monster in the dungeon. What you have to do first is get 2 critical pratfalls on ANY monster(in battle/ability), which mind you may take a while, then go into the stornway dungeon and do a bunch of pratfalls for the man in the lower right cell(out of battle/talking to him).
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mrroxas0 answered:

Actually, i just did it to Equanox while trying to get the mage scroll. he seems to be more affected than normal... eh, things. it took me a few minutes but it does work well. and you'll enjoy Gritty Ditty too!
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mansnow answered:

What man in the lower right cell?
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