Question from Briarblade

Anyone near Elkton MD, interested in canvassing, or multiplaying?

The question is pretty self explanatory, but I can't find anyone who plays this game... All my friends follow trends, and not franchises... besides Halo and RE.

Briarblade provided additional details:

Charles county is a hike from here, elkton is in cecil county, lol. as for gamestop, the closest one to me, isn't participating in that event.... i guess i'll have to keep calling around. thanks for replying though!


DragonFantasy answered:

Sorry, but I don't. But on July 31st, Gamestop is giving away a free Legacy Boss Treasure Map. You would probably see some dragon quest 9 players there.
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silver3drago answered:

i live in charles county. which is also in marlyand. (i dont know how close it is to Elkton.)
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