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Where do I get quest 62?

Does it really give a grotto map as a reward?

killzer89 provided additional details:

How can you boat to the island if its surrounded by rocks?
Do you need to beat the game to get here?

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DragonFantasy answered:

Fly or boat all the way to the island in the Northeast section of the world map. Go in the cave, talk to the skeleton, go to twyll cave and keep beating up salamauraders until one drops a note, go back to the skeleton and talk to it, and it will give you a legacy boss treasure map.
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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Yeah, you need to beat the game then do the quest in Port Llaffan from Jona.
* You'll need a Flowing Dress, Watermaul Wand, & a Silver Shield *
( Flowing Dress can be bought in Upover for 18k gold, Watermaul Wand can be bought in Bloomingdale I think forgot how much it was, & Silver shield can be bought in Stornway for 30.5k )
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