Question from MylesHenry21

Were is the red signpost that quest 063 "Keep your eyes peeled" is asking you to find?

I've being going all over the place looking for this red sign post it would help a lot if someone could tell me were it is.

Accepted Answer

AzureLivesOn answered:

Zoom to Wormwood Creek (if you haven't been there, then start at the southwestern most continent). Hop in your boat and sail north. Above the continent, buried in an inlet, you'll see a small island. When you dock on its South edge, the sign is right there.

NOTE: You must read BOTH sides of the sign.
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yaybongo answered:

Do you need to use the starligkt express?
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LP1981 answered:

You only need the boat to complete this. Think of the the left side of the map as North and South America. in between them you will see Cuba.. it's on the bottom right corner of that island. As stated before, read both sides of the sign.
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