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Complete Quest List?

I'd like to start a list of all the quests in DQ, so the FAQ can eventually be made by someone ambitious. Here are the ones I've found.(Quest name, asker, location of asker and request)
1 One Good Turn Questelle Angel Falls Tangleweb
2 Pleased as Punch Ricki Stornway Air Punch (party trick)
3 We Like to Party Ricki Stornway 4 party tricks in a row (assign to down control button)
4 Pick me up a Panacea Bill Stornway Panacea
5 Herb'list Angus Stornway Medicinal Herb, Antidotal Herb and Moonwort Bulb
6 Get Well Water Angus Stornway Angel Tears (Need to give guy in Angel Falls Fresh Water to make it)
7 Curious Crevice Hamish Stornway Well Slimedrop
8 Don't Cry Over Spilt Ink Earnan Stornway Magic Water
9 Labour of Love Julia (forget location) Evencloth
10 Wings of Love Romeo Stornway Checkpoint Wing of Bat
12 Putting on the Glitz Glitzy Porth Larthan (Main character= Minstrel Feather Headband Best Vest Red Tights Rapier Platinum Shield Bow Tie Leather Shoes Magic Mittens)
13 All Fired Up Old Man Dourbridge Medicinal Herb
15 Collapsus Call Collapsus Heights of Lonelyness Special Medicine
16 Help Meowt Here Meowser Bloomingdale Cat Ears
25 Warbling Wellard Wellard Zere Birdsong Nectar
27 Big Headed Bard Earnest Coffinwell Techincolour Dreamcloth
95 Free the Faerie Two Sleep at Abbey (Mage lv 15) Kill ten foes equipped with faerie wand casting Frizz
97 Cry Wolf Brusque Lee Abbey (Martial Artist lv15) Kill 5 scarewolves while they're scared by War Cry
99 B-coming one of the B-Team Buster Dourbridge (Thief lv 15) Swipe Tycoon Loot from Hunter Mech
101 Eggstreme Sports Tom Foolery Abbey (Minstrel lv 15) Egg on to max tension (forget how many times)
103 Gladiator Graduator Priest Abbey Kill three slimes max tensed with Dragon Slash

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rgjjgtyjnbdseg answered:

There is a great faq about that up right now.
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yab answered:

Try here: /index.php/Dragon_Quest_IX:_Sentinels_of_the_Starry_Skies_-_DS/Side_Quests
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sixthsage answered:

special thanks for this and to yab for the link, my guide is well on it's way. I've got almost half of the quests up so far, i'll upload as soon as i fix a few typos and formatting issues.

thanks again

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yab answered:

There's a Quest FAQ up now already.
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