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This Contagious horrid pink thing is driving me mad! I'm leveled up enough around 13-14 for all my characters... But it still continues to defeat me! How can i do it???? Please help!

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playingforfun answered:

Actively healing the damage the enemy does to you tends to play a significant role in defeating bosses.
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Santer1234 answered:

What pink thing? Is it a boss or an enemy?
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terrable answered:

Just kill him... i beat him with 3 person in level 14 (minstrel, warrior, martial artist)
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Kyle1164 answered:

Ok the Contagin is tough it took me awhile too.

So If you have Dragon Slash for a Warrior use that alot
For you use Crack a bit and up tension with your Egg On
For a Mage or Warrior Heal with a Cleric alot For a Mage use
crack and Sap alot and Frizz if you want

Make sure you are
Level 13-14
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Metalslime13 answered:

When I fought the Ragin' Contagion I had my minstrel, two warriors, and a priest. I had my minstrel egg on one of my two warriors. While he was egging on my one warrior I had the one being egged on stocked up with medicinal herbs to heal when needed and defend when it wasnt needed. I had my other warrior keep attacking regularly and my priest just healed whenever it was needed, and defending when it wasnt.
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DestinySora answered:

Train to about level 18, I suggest. Make sure to have a healer and I suggest 3 attackers.
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adam270391 answered:

I beat it at lvl 11, make sure you have a healer healing every turn, if possible make sure they have their turn AFTER the boss (around lvl 14 or 15 a healer will have higher agility than the boss so attack first) use a heal spell even if you haven't been hurt yet, so that it heals right after you take damage, having a thief is useful as they learn heal AND have high speed, meaning they can heal before the enemy attacks. your main character should attack the enemy preferably use a fan as they seen to do the most damage at this stage until later when you get better swords, for a 4th character, either use another thief (equipped with daggers they are deadly) or use a mage, if you go for mage, cast sap twice, then focus on hitting it with crack, for thief just keep hitting him and heal if needed.
the best armor and weapons available are ESSENTIAL here and making sure each character has a supply of herbs helps though isn't essential.
particularly for this boss as well as the next 1 or 2 bosses, focus on healing and surviving rather than focusing on damaging the enemy later on it's possible to balance the two a bit more.
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