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What do the numbers below the Coup de Grace signify?

For example, one of my character's Coup de Grace window has the numbers: 0/51. I thought it might be possible to "power up" if I defended a round but the numbers did not change. Any thoughts?

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veko2k answered:

I think that's your 'mana cost of ability'/'total mana'. Coup de Grace doesn't cost any mana and, I assume, that character you were using had 51 mana at the time.
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LORIANNJ answered:

the first number is the number of MP this action requires. The second number is the total MP you still have available. Therefore, your coup de grace takes zero out of 51 available MP to execute.

This also applies to abilities and spells. It always tells you how mant MP you need. If you see 28/20 you need 28 MP, but have only 20 MP available. Therefore, you cannot execute that action (ability or spell).
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