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Quest #124 Risque Respects?

Is there any spefiec grotto to find a dangerous bustier?

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andaraen answered:

When I did the quest, I just kept an eye open for aggressence and finessence in chests. If you come across one of them, it's a rank 5 chest. Just make note of its location and exit the grotto. Close and reopen the map and go back to that chest. Rinse and repeat until you find the bustier.
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theloser25 answered:

I think that it is just a random grotto you get it from. I got mine from a level 25-29 grotto myslef from one of the chests.
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anothrgamer1234 answered:

There's a 1% chance you'll find it in a rank 5 chest in a grotto. Which one is irrelavent- just make sure its level is high enough for rank 5 chests to appear in.
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