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Asked: 4 years ago

Paladin quest help???

I just started the paladin quest and I dont know how to use the ability needed.

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From: AzureLivesOn 4 years ago

Whipping Boy is an ability learned by Warriors that allows them to 'cover' a teammate and take the damage for them- which essentially is a lesson in how to be a Paladin, as that is how the Paladin job works.

The quest requires you to use Whipping Boy and successfully 'cover' ten attacks. Unfortunately, the AI has a tendency to avoid the person you are covering. Best advice is to go out in Gleeba Desert and battle the little brown sword/shield guys (name slips me, but you cant miss them). They have a fire breath attack that hits the whole team- guaranteeing to hit your covered teammate. With enough patience (keep hitting Defend, except one person using Whipping Boy, heal when necessary), you could complete this in one battle. Especially if you're fighting 2 or more of those guys.

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The ability needed is from the Warrior skill tree, what you do is select one of your party members to protect with that ability and then hope that the monsters attack the party member that you selected to protect, the character that used whipping boy will take the attack instead and that will count towards the completion of the quest

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The skill you need to use is the first skill in the warrior tree, and then you need to actually deflect a hit off the other party member.

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