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How many quests are there all together?

I just want to know a nice round number... The highest numbered quest that I have right now is like 119 or something like that, I just want to know how many there are total. I'm working on a quest guide to put up here on gamefaqs and I want to make sure I have at least half of the quests in before I throw it up here. I've got about 60 or so done, but only about 35 of those are in the guide so far. If anyone can throw me a nice round number, I would greatly appreciate it.

sixthsage provided additional details:

Just a note, I just want the quests you can acquire throughout the game itself, I don't want DLC quests or anything like that, just a nice round number. of in-game quests

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youjustlost answered:

There's 120, according to the official guide.
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