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Asked: 4 years ago

When you use an attribute seed?

When you use the seed does it also carry over the a different class

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From: KatsuHiro808 4 years ago

Well for me the stats don't carry over to my other vocations... I used a seed of strength on my warrior but the points didn't carry over to my gladiator. =[

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The seed is a permanent boost to your character's base stats, so yes. Shifted classes would adjust with the increase.

ex: Warrior Defence: 97 >>> Paladin Defence: 137

*eat seed*

Warrior Defence: 99 >>> Paladin Defence: 139

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KatsuHiro808 is correct. Seed bonuses are for the Vocation they are used on and only that Vocation.

There is a slight exception with the seed of skill, but that is because skill points are universal by nature.

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Ah I see, thank you playingforfun for clarifying that for me I was beginning to think my game was glitched.

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