Question from mrbagly22

Reward and tips for lvl 40 Mage quest?

Just wondering if doing this IMPOSSIBLE quest is worth it?

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CelestriaSlave answered:

Oh, also wait after you kill one or two in the same battle, the third will keep attempting to bring them both back (at half health) so you can get all ten in one battle if you're patient. if it seems to run out of MP, have your gladiator use double up twice. most likely the wight priest will aim for him/her and sucessfully absorb MP. Keep replenishing the gladiator's MP with items or M-Pathy.
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youjustlost answered:

It rewards with Mage's Manuel, an item that, when equipped, lets a character use Weakening Wave. It's kinda like Kabuff, only it lowers enemy defense.
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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Well, it's not impossible but, you get the wand and the Mages Manual which lets you use Weakening Wave lowering opponents defence.
Like what he said ^
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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Also, I don't think the quest is worth it, might as well leave it until your stronger or keep it there for free rest at the Inn there.
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elsaitu answered:

What i did was change my hero which has a lot of strengh to paladin and use the wand with him to kill the mob. since he has a lot more strengh then my mage it was easier to kill them
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playingforfun answered:

This is one of the easiest of the level 40 quests. Kill a low HP low defense monster with a low damage attack? That is what Oomph, Tension, Sap and Fource are for.
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