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How do i make 'gladiator's guide' work with my gladiator?

Ok so I just obtained 'gladiator's guide' from the maximus dude, and I gave it to my gladiator, but there was no skill like how 'mage's manuel' has weakening wave for the mage or 'preist's primer' has the wave of relief for the priests. i even tried to just fight to see if he would attack two times, but to no luck. does anybody know how to work the item?

Accepted Answer

playingforfun answered:

Many of the manuals are passive chance to happen effects. In the case of the gladiator's guide it is a chance for a basic attack to double hit. Same thing goes for the Thief and Warrior ones as well, chance to happen.
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DragonFantasy answered:

You just give the item to the gladiators inventory, and the item should work. Go over the item to see what it does and if it still doesn't work, then something must be wrong.
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