Question from misspedro18

My ship won't let me dock!?

I know you're supposed to press a when you want to dock but, it's just not happening!!!!

Accepted Answer

xsmilez answered:

Going from what everyone else said about only docking in low areas and beaches, I tend to spam A when the ship "crashes" into land. Eventually, a "disembark" option will pop up. It takes a couple of A's each and every time but it works.
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DragonFantasy answered:

You have to go to a beach or a low area to dock. You can't dock at elevated places or rocks surrounding an island.
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condad14 answered:

Go to a flat piece of land like dragon fantasy said and keep sailing into it for 2-3 secs, a message appears asking if you want to disembark, just say yes
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Jotaan answered:

A lot of people have this same problem, depending on what you exactly you're trying to access. My problem, and possibly your problem as well, is that you need to press a directional button, like left or right (depending on what side you're trying to access) + the a button. Hope this helps.
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Luiman04 answered:

You have to move towards the land where you're trying to dock the a message will appear asking you if you want to dock. You can only dock on beaches or low areas though.
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