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The 6 hidden vocation quests?

Can somebody make a topic in the cheats forum with explenations about the 6 hidden vocation quests?

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ReDDsHaD0w answered:

Mage Knight & Gladiator are available in Alltrades Abbey.

Mage Knight quest you need to have your mage set up wizard ward and deal the final blow to two metal slimes with the character who used wizard ward.
*Hint* I suggest making all party members mages level them until they can use wizard ward then do the quest with all members using wizard ward so you don't need to worry about somebody else killing the metal slime.

Gladiator you need to kill 3(?) slimes while in super high tension mode with Dragon Slash.

Ranger are available after Bloomingdale, in the map leading up to Zere Rocks.
Unlocked by kill 3(?) Hocus Chimeras with the poison from Toxic Dagger.

Paladin is available in Gleeba, on the rooftop.
Unlocked by successfully using whipping boy to block 10 attacks for your teammate.

Sage is available near the end game in Gittish Palace by reading from a bookshelf in the castle.
Unlocked by killing 5(?) Great trolls(Boss trolls?) with Frizz.

Luminary also known as Superstar is available post game in Gleeba dancing hall.

Unlocked by killing 2 Moai Ministers with the Hotlick ability.
*Note* Moai Ministers can be found in high level grottos.

*2nd Note* If I put ( )? with a number or name in the parentheses it means I don't remember the amount or the name.
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