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Where can I find the Warrior Armor?

I am stumped i beat the game liek 6 days and i cannot seem to find out how to find the Warrior Armor for the Warrior vocation change........ do i have to do a Quest, do i have to buy it,Do i have to alchemise it.... please help.. that armor looks awsome sauce ^_^

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Azn_Playah answered:

You get Warrior's armor by finishing quest 91 in Wormwood Creek. The NPC is just to the right of the town entrance along the South fence.
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Crazed_kid answered:

Hammibal a boss from the grottoes also drops it. It is the 10% drop rate from him.
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Aniken5 answered:

Get a lvl15 warrior do the quest from the farmer in the south of wormwood creek you need to anger 2 monsters and killing them with critical hits (it was really hard cause you cant use attacks that get auto crits like pressure pointer or hatchet man you also get $5000 for finishing the quest)
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StarSolarDQ answered:

I found it in Bloomingdale I think...
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