Question from Bumblebee78

Asked: 4 years ago

Operation multithrust (Quest 66). Would someone help?

Hi, I tried to kill the gloomy gastropogs with multithrust and I think I did it but the game keeps telling me I did not. I killed 2 or 3 at the same time but it still does not work. Do I have to do another quest first? Thanks!

Accepted Answer

From: TGSnowwy 4 years ago

From what I'm reading in the official guidebook, it sounds like you have to kill 2 of them at once using ONLY a single multithrust. It doesn't sound like you're allowed to weaken them first. Make sure your spear-user is very strong and has the most powerful spear you can buy or alchemise and equip any attack-boosting accessories. Once in battle, kill all extra enemies so you only have the two gastropogs, then boost your spear-user's power with Oomph, Psyche-up, and Egg On. Once maxed, Multithrust and hope for the best.

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