Question from raki_gemini

How do I solve quest 142 prayermongering?

I've done 8 quest but nothing happen? what should i really do? need some help..

Rybal asked for clarification:

142? Considering that this one hasn't come out in the US yet, we need some more information regarding it. At least give the description and the requirements.

raki_gemini provided additional details:

this is what it says to the quest

Enid, a spirit you met at the pool of spirits near angel falls, wants you to fill a piece of
gratite with the power of heartfelt thanks by succeeding in five or more other quests.

raki_gemini provided additional details:

Thanks, i just finish the quest and my reward is a metal slime helm.

Accepted Answer

themysticalone answered:

Sounds like you need to complete 5 more quests (possibly the repeatable quests will count towards that total) then talk to her again. I'd bet any 5 other quests would do.
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