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What happens when you fully master a skill?

When 100 pts has been alocated.

Accepted Answer

Blademaster_Kai answered:

The Weapon-specific ones (except for Fisticuffs) gives you 'Omnivocal (Weapon)master, which you can equip that weapon type regardless of your vocation when you put in 100 points. Same goes for shields, which gives you Omnivocal Shieldmaster. For example, if you put 100 points in Swords and Shields, you can change that character into a Martial Artist and be able to equip him/her with a sword and a shield.

The Class-specific ones increase your stats and give you extra abilities, so if you have 100 points in something like Focus (Martial Artist), you'll have all of the bonuses on every other class. You can still get the bonuses you already have on the others, though.
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TGSnowwy answered:

For equipment (weapons, shield, fisticuffs) you gain the ability to use that equipment and the equipment-based skills in EVERY class, even if that class normally can't use the equipment/skills.

The concept lines (courage, faith, litheness, etc) don't gain any special benefit, though these already apply to your character regardless of class.
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Rybal answered:

For weapon/shield skills, you get to use it in any vocation.

Other than that and the fact that you can use everything from the class specific abilities and the accolades you get with your main character for every level, there are no other bonuses.
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