Question from daR0NN

Asked: 4 years ago

At what Lvl will I beat first Treasure Map Boss?

I tried with Lvl 30 party and got taught a lesson. Any hints?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Yeah, right. It's that horse-like something.

Thnx for the advice.

Accepted Answer

From: TGSnowwy 4 years ago

If you mean Equinox, the dark horse-like thing, try going back with a level 38 priest (Multiheal), a mage with Oomph, and two damage-dealers with good weapons and skills like Falcon Slash. Alchemize some good healing items and give them to each character as insurance, though I did beat Equinox above level 30 but under level 38.

If it's a different monster, much of that advice still applies, though I can't give you specifics.

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