Question from Kirby217

Asked: 4 years ago

4 Part Question??

1) Are there any recrutable characters or do I have to make all of them in the Inn??

2) Does my level reset back to 1 when I change jobs??

3) Can I use the skill points I earned from my first job on my seccond when I switch??

4) What do all the different stats mean (deftness, Magical mending, etc.)??

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thanks for the info!! (>^~^)>

Accepted Answer

From: sdonkeykong 4 years ago

Question 1 You can only Make/Recruite them at the Inn in Stornway.

Question 2 You start as a Minstrel and if you change your Vocation/Job you turn into a level 1 but if you turn yourself back into a level whatever level you were before.

Question 3 No you cant do that because that is only for that Vocation/Job or for example when you are the warrior and the Sword skill is upgraded by 23 and you switch to a rogue your sword skill will be 23 on the rouge too Get it? Sorry if it is Confusing.

Question 4 Strength - how much you take/damage. Deftness - Critical chance, stealing chance, preemptive/surprise attack chance.Agility - When you attack example you go First if you have the most speed but you cant tell how much your opponent has/Agility affects the turn order. And the others I am not pretty sure what they mean. Sorry. Hope I helped though

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