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Asked: 4 years ago

Question about stats?

My warrior is awfully slow especially compared to the rest of my team. If I change his class to something like a thief will his speed be up to par with the rest of my party, or because of his slow start will he be doomed to being slower than the rest of my team forever?

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From: Rybal 4 years ago

Stats are locked to particular classes. It will take a little while until the levels are about the same, but once you are there, you should be fine.

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Lower level characters receive a smaller share of experience points than other party members, but since higher-level characters require more experience to level up, lower level characters will catch up with time. Also note that any skill points you invest from thief levels will carry over to any other class changes - so you can get a faster warrior using the thief's Deftness skill line and its agility bonuses.

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Class dip. change the character into a martial artist and level up the Focus skill tree, do the same with thief's Aquisitiveness skill tree. the stat boosters in the unique skill sets carry over with all classes for the same character.

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