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Scroll items?

Just trying to get more info, hopefully gonna start a thread here about scrolls.

So far i've gotten a few scrolls, but i would like to know the effects of the ones i havent gotten yet, anyone would know the others?

Martial Artist's Manual: take tensions from battle to battle
Gladiator's Guide: occasional 2 hits per turn
Swordcraft in Summary: use Gigagash
Ranger's Revelation: increase chance of crits during times of crisis
Paladin's Primer: use Solar Flaire
Sage's Scripture: Twocus Pocus allows u to use 2 spells in a turn
Secrets of the Shield: completely avoid crits
Mage's Manual: use Weakening Wave
Minstrel's Manual: use Gritty Ditty (its like Oomph, sorta)
Arnamentalist's Album: use Fource on you AND your allies
Thief's Theory: occasional passive steal
Wands and Beyond: use Zing (Zing Stick)
Clear Spear Theory: use Lightning Storm
Warrior's Workbook: occasional counterattack
Priest's Primer: use Wave of Relief to clear any negative statises

so if anyone else has other ones, PLEASE inform me of their effects

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ckryptonite answered:

Further Fanmanship: Hustle Dance ability - restores at least 70 HP to all party members
Fearsome Fisticuffing : Miracle Moon ability - Hits all enemies while restoring caster's HP
Archery for the Adept : Shining Shot ability - Light based attack to all enemies
Staff Studies: Counter Wait ability - dodge and counterattack stance for a turn
The Boomerang Bible: Gigathrow ability - hits one enemy with lighting damage
Working with Whips: Serpent's Bite ability - strikes a group of enemies
Knifing Know-How: Persecutter ability - deals heavy damage to confused or sleeping monsters
The Core of the Claw: Hand of God ability - heavy damage to single enemy
Advanced Axecraft: Whopper Chop ability - heavy damage to single enemy
Hardcore Hammering: Big Banga ability - heavy damage to group of enemies

Luminary's Lore: Gold Rush ability - spend 1000 gold for heavy damage
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Azn_Playah answered:

All of these are listed in the skill/spell FAQ. The translations are off, but they're in the right weapon/skill trees so you should be able to figure out which is which.
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Man0fBass answered:

The effect of Gigagash: a group attack based on lightning. 30 MP.
The effect of Weakening Wave: chance to lower attack. Effects entire group.
You're right; Gritty Ditty is like Oomph, but it effects the whole party.
The Arnamentalist's Album: If you cast Fire Fource on yourself, it's like casting Fire Fource on the whole party.
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ckryptonite answered:

Gritty Ditty is kinda like Oomph, but not completely. Gritty Ditty raises the entire party's attack a little bit, where Oomph raises only one target's attack a lot. Think of it as levels:

Level 1 - regular attack
Level 2 - received part of a casting of Gritty Ditty
Level 3 - Oomph OR 2 castings of Gritty Ditty in two turns.
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