Question from seanyoung1000

Where can I find the (liquid metal spear)?

I wanna know if u can find it any where


youjustlost answered:

You have to alchemize it.
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Yalisio answered:

You can not find a liquid metal spear, but you can find it's less powerful form the metal slime spear in fairly high level grottos and alchemize it with 6 slimedrops and 1 piece of orichalcum.
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OpticNeo answered:

You can get a Metal Slime Spear in a level 60+ grottos, and as Yalisio Said you use it to make a Liquid Metal Spear
Happy Hunting its gonna take a while
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albelclaw answered:

Or buy the metal slime spear in between 2-18-11 and 2-25-11
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