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Asked: 4 years ago

How far into the game is the ranger and paladin quests?

Im wanting to have them in my party, but only if I can unlock them relatively early on. Can anyone tell me how far in they are? Not WHERE, I already know this. Just say that its 30% into the game, or youl be around level 30 when you unlock it.

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you unlock ranger when you reach batsureg, head north from the town to a tiny outpost and someone there gives you a quest to unlock. You unlock paladin in gleeba talk to a man up top behind a water fountain you use to drop into the princesses bath

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Ranger is probably about 30% through the game if you're just doing storyline while Paladin is around 40-45%.

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Ranger is unlocked after Dourbridge so about level 18-23ish.
Paladin is unlocked in Gleeba so, around level 25 if you go straight there after getting the boat.

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Pleas help me beat the game because i don't know how to play

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You can get the Ranger first. You can get him at any point in the Heights of Loneliness as long as someone that can equip a knife has toxic dagger, regardless of vocation or level. As for the paladin, you can get that at any level you want as long as someone has Whipping Boy and you can access Gleeba.

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